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Zip E Cut Dies For Sale
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Wedding Decorative Sticker Packs 1.50 each
Baby Girl Sticker Packs 1.50 each
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Zip E Cut Dies For Sale
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Zip E Slim Wood Dies

These dies are sourced from the USA and most no longer available as I got them last year. They are all new in packets unless stated. Can be used on a sizzix machine. They are wooden backed with the design picture on the back and similar to sizzix on the frount where it cuts. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED AS THEY ARE EXPENSIVE TO BUY - DIFFERENT DESIGNS TO SIZZIX


Summer shirt and suitcase (size of green die each item)# 41435 10       


Stegosaurus (size of red die)# 41393 10       RESERVED   


Moo Cow #41384 (size of red die) 10          



Sweet Sheep #41380 (Not in packet as shipped from US without it. NEVER USED THOU. Size of red die) 10    


DUMP TRUCK & BULL DOZER #41445 (Not in packet as shipped from US iwthout it NEVER USED THOU. Size of yellow die each item)14 sought after item



Pig # 41383(size as red die) 10           


Happy Elephant #41379 (size as red die) 10         


Cuddly Kitty and Rover the dog (no longer available)USED #41479 13.00